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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Twitter 101: Tweet Marketing

Twitter Tips:

Most of you probably already use Twitter. If not, you really should be! Some of you may be wondering: what's the big deal? The potential for selling your book is only surpassed by the potential for making great relationships with readers―ones who will spread the news to all their friends, and they'll tell 100 friends, and so on and so on…

Author John Locke, a publishing sensation, credits Twitter as largely responsible for his success. He's the first independent author to sell over 1 million ebooks on Amazon. And there are only 8 authors who've achieved the million ebook mark. Maybe you'll be the next.

So how do you use Twitter to market your ebooks? Simple, you create relationships. You get to meet people from anywhere in the world. There are some pretty cool people out there. By showing a genuine interest in people, you'll gather more followers. Eventually, some will read your book. Maybe they'll tweet about how much they enjoyed it. Maybe they'll write a review. Maybe they'll suggest it to their book club, or to a producer they know. This actually happens.

There are a variety of ways to find readers on Twitter, some of them quite obvious, I think.

1. Search Twitter for:

Kindle suggestions
Kobo suggestions
Nook suggestions
#ebook (s)
#bookclub (s)

Don't just pitch your book to them, create relationships. Read their profiles. Read their last few tweets. Talk to them at least once before pitching your book to them. Ask them what genres they like? RT one of their tweets. Ask them questions. Answer a question. Yes, you can suggest one of your books, or give them your website, but do try to either answer their question about a suggestion or get to know them.

2. Search for your genre:


Look for tweets where people talk about your genre in a positive way. Add to the conversation. See above tips. Always get your URL in there. 

3. Search for authors you think people would compare your writing (for your novel) to. Chat first unless you're already friends with them online or unless they're asking for suggestions.

When pitching them, say something like:
I saw you liked (author). Me too. In fact, he inspired me to write (name of novel) (Amazon URL shortened)
Since you enjoy (author), I think you may like (name of novel) (Amazon URL)

Using Amazon customers with Twitter:

Step 1: Go to your book’s page on Amazon and look in the Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought section.
Step 2: Make a list of the book titles that appear. These are titles YOUR customers have also bought. This means they like those books, plus they think they’ll like yours. This means anyone who likes those other titles may also like yours.
Step 3: Go to twitter and search for those book titles one at a time. When you find someone who has liked that other title, tweet them and say that they may like your title too since they liked ____.
Step 4: Word your tweets differently each time, make them personal, and include link to your ebook on Amazon. Use URL shortener like TinyUrl...or I highly recommend you get Hootsuite. You can then schedule tweets. Huge marketing time saver!!!

If someone says they prefer another genre other than yours, recommend one of your author friends or another author you like. Be helpful. What goes around comes around. :-)

Twitter is a leading, successful social network for one reason: it's social. From personal experience, I can tell you I've sold more ebooks via social networks in the past two months than I have doing 80+ book signings for 2 years. And I've met more people; maybe not face-to-face, but they're still quite happy to meet me on Twitter and buy one of my books. 

Happy tweeting!


Johnny Ray said...

This was very good and I enjoyed it. I use four different twitter accounts and have over 70,000 followers. It has been work and takes time, but well worth it.

Tony Franks-Buckley said...

Thank You for this great and helpful guide. i am a new Historian and Author and really struggling to promote my books on my own