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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The biggest mistake most authors make when doing a virtual book tour

There is so much involved in organizing a successful online book tour and it's easy to have some seemingly small thing slip through the cracks, but there is one mistake I've seen many authors do that will cost them sales and branding recognition.

The biggest mistake most authors make when doing a virtual book tour is that they don't update the direct links to their posts.

It's fine to list your blog hosts ahead of time and just use their regular URL. Ex. www.cherylktardif.blogspot.com

But tell me, what's wrong with that link? The answer is very simple. It doesn't link directly to your post.

Why is that a problem? When people come across your blog schedule on your website, they'll be directed to the HOME page and most recent article on that blog--NOT to YOUR post.

So how do you fix this? Easy. On the DAY your post goes live on your blog host's site, copy the direct link to your post. To find that link just right click on the live title of your post and copy the URL. The link will look something like this: http://cherylktardif.blogspot.com/2010/09/cherish-romance-with-cherish-dangelo.html 

Then go to your tour schedule page on your website/blog and change the link from the basic URL to the direct link. Save and voila! When your tour is over, double-check ALL links to ensure they are directing visitors to YOUR post.

Why is this important? Everything on the Internet is basically forever. Months from now someone will stumble across your schedule and will want to visit the blogs you posted on. If you don't have direct links, they'll be reading someone else's posts. Essentially you'll have wasted the viral potential of your virtual book tour as it then becomes stagnant and dead.

Awhile back I saw the schedule of a blog tour for a fairly well-known author who writes thrillers. When I clicked on the links, he hadn't updated to the direct ones. I couldn't be bothered to wade through all the posts after his, so he lost a potential buyer. I can't even remember which book he was promoting.

Don't let that be you.

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JM said...

Excellent tour advice! I don't understand why more people who coordinate their own tours don't do this. Unless you specifically request it, plenty of bloggers will put a post over yours mere hours later. No one likes to wade through a heap of posts.


Jessica Subject said...

That is a very good point Cheryl! Thanks for sharing.


Cheryl Kaye Tardif said...

Jaime, I agree. I've even seen many "blog tour coordinators" who charge authors to organize their tours make this same huge mistake.

Hopefully some will read this post. :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you pointed that out, because I can see that being something I'd never think of. Thanks for helping me avoid a mistake like that before I would have a chance to make it!! :)

Sarah Lynne said...

I am running late!!! I am a day behind, but still stalking!!! lol

sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

email: disabilityadvocate @ shaw.ca

Cheryl Kaye Tardif said...

Glad I could help, Lana. And you're now entered in my draws. Good luck!

Sarah, I missed you!!! :-) Happy stalking!


Tim said...

I wrote it ... well most of it :-)


Patti said...

Thanks for pointing out the importance of keeping links updated!I never realized just how important it really is to monitor that aspect!
I have several novels published and three ideas going on right now! The difficult part is choosing which one to concentrate on even though I love to switch between them!!
P.I. Barrington

Anonymous said...

Great advice. I totally like the direct links versus having to dig. Sometimes they can be quite hard to find.

Pam S
pams00 @ aol.com