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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twitter 101: What the heck is a hash tag?

If you've been on Twitter for more than a week or two, you will have noticed that people often include a term preceded by the # sign, like #writechat. This is a hash tag or hashtag. Now you're probably wondering, what the heck is it for?

A hash tag is a specific keyword identified by the preceding # sign that is used to tag or identify a topic within tweets. It is used on Twitter to filter tweets, to make it easier for you to find that information.

Let's say you want to post a tweet about the writechat group that meets on Twitter and talks about writing and publishing. You might add #writechat to your 140 character tweet so others can find it easily.

Fans of this group or of writers in general could type #writechat (or just writechat) in the search bar on Twitter (right side) and up pops all tweets about this topic.

One thing you'll want to do is follow @hashtags on Twitter. They'll follow you back automatically and will track all your hashtags.

Keep in mind, hash tags must consist of either one word, initials (like #SXSW - South by South west) or combined words as one, like #writechat, all preceded by #.

So go ahead and add hash tags to your posts, and check out #writechat.

Plus, don't forget to follow me @cherylktardif on Twitter.

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif, aka Shameless Promoter

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